On Not Writing...

...and other musings.
Writing about writer's block.
And a gateway to other projects.
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Overcoming Inertia

I started this blog as an attempt to break some of my writing rust loose and hoped that it would force my hands to put words to the screen. Obviously, not so much. But despite the sparsity of ramblings here, the past few months have actually seen a vast amount of progress on the writing front for me.

The Guild
On a whim, I sent an email to the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild. I had visited their website and noticed they had a handful of writers covering guild members in Chicago, but no real coverage of the suburbs. I thought, why not…couldn’t hurt.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting next to the executive director drinking a beer at the bar at Haymarket Pub and Brewery. He agreed that a voice in the ‘burbs could be valuable considering the number of breweries popping up and events going on out west.

Fast forward to February, and I have my first article for the site published, a second one almost finished, and some leads for my next couple of posts.

The Guild (ICBG) has already become a social outlet for me as well, something I definitely needed. Earlier this month, I attended a meet-up for the “enthusiast” branch of the Guild, called ImBIBE (their caps, not mine, standing for I’m a Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast). About 15-20 members attended at Atlas Brewing in Lincoln Park, featuring eight retro bowling lanes and a nice tap list of their own brews as well several guest brews.

Beer in the ‘Burbs
In addition to writing for the Guild, my own beer-based blog, SubBeerBia, has been an additional outlet. Although it’s mainly a repository for many of my beer-related photos (all taken via mobile phone, although that will be changing soon enough), it also offers a place for me to write about non-Guild breweries, out-of-state and otherwise, homebrewing, as well as any trips or pub crawls I set out on.

While I don’t mind my current setup, the Tumblr platform leaves a lot to be desired in terms of functionality and customization, so I may end up moving SubBeerBia to a more robust site at some point. Meanwhile, I hope to do a lot more with it in the short term and settle on a design and purpose that better suites me.

Be Their Guest
Finally, to try my hand at something vastly different, I submitted a guest article over at Arcade Brewery’s blog for their Beer and Comics Pairing series. I found that taking on a different tone and reviewing both what I was drinking and reading at the same time was a bit challenging, but incredibly fun. 

Writer’s Un-Block
All that said, opening up these multiple avenues for writing about things I love was by far the most productive non-work-related task I’ve accomplished in the past few years. I still get a temporary block every now and then, so I hope to use this space to work through those moments. I also plan to write about some past experiences that led to my initial  seven-year span of writer’s block and exorcise those demons once and for all.

In the meantime, I’ll keep using the momentum I’ve built up to move forward along the avenues laid before me.

Oh, the Irony…

So I started this blog as an outlet to get me writing again after years of, well, not writing. Months later, this is my first and, let’s be honest, likely only post.

However, all is not lost. After all, this is just my so-called “main tumblog” and a hub of sorts for my two other blogs on a couple of topics I hold dear…comics and craft beer.

If either of those topics interest you, I suggest you take a look at each, or preferably both, of the links below.

Those who enjoy the rich flavors of craft beer may enjoy SubBeerBia, my chronicles of searching for great beer in the desert of sports bars and lite beer of suburban Chicago. Expect to see photos and recaps of area beer festivals and tasting events, as well as logs from travels and brews abroad. And, now that I’ve taken the leap of faith, stories about my attempts at homebrewing will also be included.

Marvel Comics fans, and specifically those who enjoy the cosmic genre, can check out Thanos Smirked, my more-cleverly-titled-than-you-probably-realize photo-blog revolving around one of the greatest grins in the galaxy.

Perhaps I’ll eventually get this blog going as well. There’s a long and twisted story behind my 8+ years of writer’s block, and it has debilitated my ability to string together words and sentences for pleasure for far too long.